Is there any "Compare" button for plugin in Cubase?


I’m a new Cubase user. I used to work with Logic 9, but I encountered some problems, so I decided to make my next project on Cubase 6.

I’m using lots of plugins and I was wondering if there is a “compare” button (sorry I translate from Logic French version). When I’m working with a plugin and make some changes and then realize I prefer the previous preset, how can I do this in cubase?

For the moment, I always have to save the preset and then recall it, which is quite time consuming… Is there any compare or undo button for vst presets?

Thanks for your help,

Have a nice day


Aloha R,

I do not believe there is.
or if there is, I have not found it.

The closest thing in C6 to what you are asking are the ‘bypass effect’
buttons and while sometimes useful, they are nothing
like the ‘compare’ buttons you mentioned.

Perhaps in a future update.



thanks for your answer… that’s exactly what I thought! such a pity…

The best DAW would be a mix of Cubase and Logic lol

have a lovely weekend


I’m not positive of this, but the history button might work.

As a workaround, what about loading two instances of the insert effect, setting the desired presets in each one, then toggling the bypass buttons for each? Two clicks instead of one. Not ideal, but may work.