Is there any (dis)advantage in using down-versions of Halion

If you have Halion 6 is there any advantage/disadvantage of using the full 6 version, Sonic 3 or SE just as a player? Am I wasting resources using H6 instead of say SE?


I didn’t test, but I would say as a player, HALion Sonic SE eats less CPU then full HALion 6.

Yeah, that’s kind of always been my assumption, but I really don’t have any basis for it

That’s an interesting question. I would think that under the hood they are the same thing because SE version can do everything the full Halion can. It’s just most of the parameters are not exposed to the end user to be edited.

Interesting indeed…I had always assumed that the player versions probably used a bit less CPU but thos sia good point, fewer control over the sound quite possibly has no effect at all. Must try it out…

Here’s some objective data from a quick comparison of H6 and HSSE.
Each project setup consisted of:

  • Sequel BritPop Chorus A Piano midi loop - 9 bars in cycle mode
  • Yamaha S90ES Piano
  • ASIO Guard - Normal
  • I/0 buffer: 512

42 instances of HSSE without audio system overload.

37 instances of H6

Downside: HALiotron, Model C, and Raven among others are not available in HSSE. (Add-ons such as HSO, Dark Planet, and Iconica trial) are available.)
If automating all of the Sound editor parameters and MIDI modules isn’t needed, then HSSE is a better sample instrument
playback option.

Thanks for testing this out & sharing the data.

I’ve always found it odd that SE can’t (won’t?) play some of the H6 content even though it is licensed. Seems like SE should look at the licensing, see that H6 is licensed and then decide it can also play that content.

NP! I have wondered about the differences and the question was a good reason to complete the comparison.

My guess is that the structure of HSSE means it can’t play content that requires at least HALion Sonic.
HS can playback 39 tracks without audio system overload, which is only slightly better than the full version of HALion.

HS has been my first choice as a playback option. But if playback is of HSO and other sample instruments, it’s now clear to me that HSSE offers a cpu efficiency advantage.