Is there any easier way to do this? (cutting and moving an existing slash region to the right is impossible)

I’d like to drag the existing slash region I’ve already cut as in the attached (a guitar part) to the right by a bar, so I can see the actual notes it’s “covering” and further edit them. However, every time I drag that handle that’s visible in the attached, the score jumps all over the place and I can never get it to simply move to the right by a single bar. Is there a better way to do this I’m not aware of, or is this even a bug? (just checking!):

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  • D.D.

Robjohn, you can use alt- and shift-alt to move from side to side and change length, just like you do with notes. I find this much easier. Set your rhythmic grid larger for fewer keystrokes.

Thanks, Dan. I’ve tried that before and while it works ok, for situations in which I need to move the cut slash region for more than a bar or so, it also seems to go slowly. It appears that their intent is for the quickest way to be for you to be able to drag on that handle and pull it to the right or left easily with the mouse. However, in my experience I’ve found it quite hit and miss - sometimes if I move the mouse just slightly too high as I’m dragging, the entire screen jumps crazily to a completely new position and the region also gets correspondingly messed up. It would be nice if there were a way to reliably drag with the mouse, or maybe click on the handle, hold shift down, and then click somewhere else to indicate where I’d like the “dragging” to end, etc.

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  • D.D.

Just edited my reply above. When I’m moving slash regions, I set my rhythmic grid quite a bit higher: quarter or half notes maybe. The slash region then moves quickly wherever I want it to go.

As you know, the design philosophy of Dorico tends to draw users away from click-drag. In this case, I’ve come to prefer the key commands!

I didn’t think to temporarily change the rhythm grid. Excellent - I’ll try this. And I’m happy to get away from click-drag which is a royal pain :slight_smile: (though still wondering if it’s working in that regard as planned with all the current jumping around that happens).
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  • D.D.

Yes, because (I assume) it’s a function of automatic layout adjustment and spacing.

I’ve encountered the same jumpy behavior (with cues, which I work with more). It is quite a bit better in galley view, since Dorico isn’t adjusting system breaks based on the adjustments you’re making.

Dear D.D.
FWIW I mention that I changed the keyboard shortcuts to shorten and lengthen the rhythmic grid to 1 and 2, so that I do not need any modifier key and change the value super fast. Now I use them all the time!

Thanks! I just shamelessly copied your idea :slight_smile: