is there any guitar strumming simulation arpeg in C7?

well its not a feature request,but rather a question.
is there a kind of strumming simulator with rhythmic patterns in cubase 7 ?
its plays the rhythms and corrected guitar finger positions of chords and the user only give it the chords from keyboard or midi editor.
something similar to “realstrat-realguitar” plugins with patterns to use with halion sonic se etc…

Halion sonic SE has a couple flex-phrased patches, they can’t be edited though.

If used in conjunction with the chord track, you can make them transpose nicely… as for the strum, you’re stuck with whatever is in the sample. I’ve been having some good fun with the combination of HS and the Chord Track. I feel a little “dirty” as it feels like cheating! :laughing: There are about 5 flex-phrased samples I believe…

It is totally cheating! :laughing:

But using the live transform function, my bad piano playing skills and my memory of how guitar is supposed to sound I was able to make a pretty decent comping track for a workshop I gave.

Shame shame shame! :laughing:

Playing with the chord track did remind me about inversions and some other complex chords that are not in the forefront of my noggin! :sunglasses:

I go to confessional after every 16 bars. Unless I’m too drunk, in which case I try to sleep it off in a booth.

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Misicians often hang around in bars… :smiley:

o.m.g. Where is the ‘dork’ emoticon? :stuck_out_tongue: :laughing:

DAWs are tools for musicians to cheat. at least make it Convincing cheating :smiley:

well about the subject i was thinking of midi plugin as arpeggiator etc…



I don’t know if this would be any use?

or some strum midi files:

Don’t ask me if they are any good. I’m a guitarist.

Nice finds.

Why, here it is,


Wow! This is getting surreal. If I wasn’t such a

I would have a quick comeback, but due to my inate

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