is there any midi fx or function which allows doing strum?

like fl studio does or something which might help doing it?

Thank you!

i use realguitar by musiclab but its not cheap and there is probably better solution out there.

i mean strum on midi notes only :slight_smile:
Thank you

Unfortunately, Cubase does not have this feature ready-made (it has been requested several times in this Forum).

One option would be to study a way to do it with the Logical Editor.

Another, would be to try the free plugin MidiStrum, which I have not tried (yet):

thats what i am talking about.

I believe Chord Pads allows for this.

Here’s how I do it for a four note chord-

Logical Editor Preset A
Logical Editor Preset B
Logical Editor Preset C

Logical Preset A:
Context Variable = Note Number in Chord, 0
Position: Add

Preset B and C are the same, but Note Number increments by one, and ‘Add’ adds larger values.
(the lowest note does not need to be moved.)

Mmmm. What if the string instrument´s first note is not the root, for example? (Nevertheless, interesting suggestion.)

It’s not the root. It’s the lowest note. Intervals are in the Position in Chord parameter with names like Root, fifth, 3rd and so on.

One more Q: When you write “Note Number in Chord, 0” for Logical Preset A, isn´t that the lowest note, the one that does not need to be moved? Thanks for your patience!

Yes. Good catch.

Doesn’t the midi FX “chorder” allow something like this?

It does, but it would require you to program each chord into the Chorder first, which is not so convenient or flexible.

It would have to be a similar function as in the Chorder, but using chords from a midi track.

And what about one of the Arpache plugins?

Heh, you´re making me work and I didn´t even ask the initial question! :laughing: