Is there any other way to adjust height of Piano Roll and midi controller lane windows for a given track in Play Mode?

I know you can find that tiny line in the vertical black strip towards the left, hover your mouse, wait for the cursor to change to an up/down arrow with horizontal line, and then can make the actual Piano Roll or Midi Controller lane window vertically larger/smaller from there. I also know that you can zoom the actual CONTENT of the Piano Roll for a given track (the notes) using things like Z and X, and by dragging along the top ruler or holding shift and dragging on the vertical piano roll (and also similarly use Z and X to make the Midi controller lane content wider or narrower). But is there any other way to quickly zoom and then set the height of the actual Piano Roll window OR the size of the Midi controller window besides trying to find that tiny point in the black vertical strip? I know in Logic you can set a certain zoom and then when you hit “Z” it will always default to that quickly from then on (very handy!) If this isn’t yet possible, I’m just curious if it’s something that’s in the “pipeline” as it would certainly help a great deal with efficient workflow.
Best and much thanks!

  • D.D.

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At the moment there is no way to resize the piano roll or other tracks in Play mode except for using the mouse. I agree that it would be helpful to have some better ways to do this, and I hope we’ll be able to address this in future.

(And a personal plea: please don’t bump threads. I, at least, consider it rude, and if it’s me whose attention you’re trying to attract, bumping irks me rather than makes me feel, “ooh, I really had better answer that one question, because that person is bumping it…” Just so you know. I spend a lot of time on this forum and I read every single post, but I do also have a lot of other responsibilities, so I can’t read and respond to everything the moment it arrives.)

I very much always appreciate your responses and will absolutely no longer “bump” (with my apologies! - I believe it’s the first I’ve ever done this here). I was just starting to dive in more and was getting overly excited about the program’s potential in the direction it’s now heading and naively thought you might have missed it. But next time I will most definitely be more patient - and I thank you again.

  • D.D.

I know that “+1” and “bump” are de rigeur on forums (fora?) but I’m not a fan. I guess it’s my stick-in-the-mud Britishness :slight_smile:

I did always think that “+1” was more of an “upvoting” of a feature suggestion somebody else might have just made, rather than being designed to simply “bump” a question to the top where it’s more visible (the latter which you’ve now reasonably explained could be perceived as being impatient and rude). I would therefore have presumed +1 was much less offensive since it was just offering quick, additional feedback about the “popularity” of a feature request someone might have made (which I presumed might be useful to know). However , I’m happy to also never use this also if this isn’t how it’s perceived. Best and thanks -

I don’t interpret “+1” as a bump, certainly. Despite appearances, though, Dorico’s development is not run like a democracy :slight_smile: