Is there any possible Key Command to activate VariAudio 3?

Hi there, VariAudio 3 is awesome as far as I have worked with it, but each time I double click an audio file to enter the sample editor page, I have to click the arrow button under the Variaudio tab to detect the notes.

My question is, is it possible to access the notes via a Key Command.

The command is most like called ‘Edit VariAudio’ but I can not find it in the Key Command list.

Would have wished for this as well but I think there’s still no way around clicking that button.

Would love to see especially the warp tab to auto-activate itself by opening its tap in the sample editor. For VA I’d like this for events I manually did an anylysis for instead of auto-analysing on just opening the tab.

This is really bothering me too, alsmot imposible to work with this behavior.
I hope there’s a “fix” for this

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All working good, just no key command for “activate” VA3. Not a big deal IMHO

I have worked in Sonar before, and there if you want to tune a clip or event, just press a button, for example, T, and boom! Melodyne is open and right away detects the notes.

So, can’t we imagine a key command, for example, T, when we press it, VariAudio opens and right away activates itself?

i have assigned the key “t” for analyzing. look in KC meny for sample editor - reanalyze audio, and voila!

You guys are misunderstanding.
We’re asking if it’s possible after reopening already analyzed track to edit it, instead of reactivating “edit variaudio” everytime reopening the variaudio editor.
This is rediculous behaviour in cubase

There shouldn’t even be a need for key command, when opening a track that was already alanalyzed and edit, to edit furhter, variaudio editing should be enabled already

If I understand you right, what you want is how its supposed to work. The VA will stay on after you activated it. If VA is not activated when you close the editor and reopen it again, then you have a bug.

I have added a feature request if you will vote or something there.