Is there any SNAP OFFSET option for audio clips in Cubase?


When I was working with Reaper I could do a thing called SNAP OFFSET, which allowed me to sync audio better in my projects. I would align the snap offset with the transient (like in a riser) and then I was able to align the audio clip each time I used it, without having to do the manual alignment anytime. Like this:

However, since I use Cubase I can’t do this. And it is a shame, because cubase works really good in other audio things.

I hope the problem is that I don’t know how to do it, and that’s why I’m asking… Is there any similar workaround to do this snap offset thing in Cubase?

I use Cubase 10.



In the main (name) tab of the track in the inspector, there is the Track Delay in Milliseconds controller (below Volume and Pan). Set the offset here, please.

How to Use the Snap Function in Cubase | Q&A with Greg Ondo

Snap Point

Thank you! I couldn’t find it because I didn’t know how it was called :stuck_out_tongue:

Martin.Jirsak, what you said is a global setting, not what I wanted to know (which is the SNAP POINT).

Accel0001, thank you again!!!