Is there any way I can transfer Dorico 3.5 pro to my new laptop with my soft eliscenser?

I’ve read that you can do this with a USB-elicenser but it costs around 30 US dollars. I’ve already spent quite a bit on the Dorico program so I’d like to know if there’s a way I can license my new laptop. I have an elicenser on my new laptop as well as the Dorico software, is there a way I can register my existing license without having to get a physical drive to do so?

If it’s a permanent move from one machine to the other, then yes, you can login to MySteinberg and use the Reactivate button on the new laptop. The current version of Dorico will continue running on the older computer but won’t be updatable.

If your intention is to shift back and forth frequently between two computers, you really need the physical USB-eLicenser (which is the same shape as a USB “drive” but isn’t the same thing - is has proprietary circuitry in it).

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Thanks for the swift reply. I hope I can do this with a trial version first to see how it works my laptop before fully converting.