Is there any way of converting audio to MIDI data?

Hi there. To save myself from having to re-type all the data from my guitar solo into the sequencer,is there anyway of converting the guitar track audio to sequenced notes on a seperate instrument track?
I only have my guitar solo recorded as audio you see.
Richard Steed

You can use VariAudio for this, if your solo is monophonic. It will still need some tweaking probably, but depending on the solo this should be a lot less work than entering the whole thing manually. Double click the audio track, open VariAudio - segments mode, and select Extract MIDI.

Well no, it’s not monophonic. The solo is sometimes chordal in parts.

I would give it a shot anyway, see what VariAudio comes up with. The manual also has some good info about extracting MIDI and how to adjust before extracting. Could save you a lot of time.

Nah it was rubbish. Anyway, I’ve managed to plug my SD card with all my songs on in Roland .SVQ format,used a program called Awave studio to convert them to MIDI files so I now have the sequenced data for the guitar solo. Voila!

Just curious- if you find a second to answer great, if not, no worry. What are .SVQ files? I thought they did not contain audio.