Is there any way to add silence in multiple places at the same time

Hi, I’ve got myself into a bit of trouble and have 3 hours of dialogue audio files.

I have made the pacing of the dialogue (the silences in between speaking) too fast

The client wants me to increase the pace gap (increase pauses in between)

Is there anything in Nuendo that I can specify the length of audio silence - say detect 400ms silence

and then do something to add another 300ms to each 400ms silence detected? (anything like insert silence / extend silence at each marker?)

I also have Wavelab in case there’s something in there that can do this?

I also have the original pacing audio files that are unmastered which have the original pace positions of the dialogue in separate files.

Opening to any solution, Failing that I will have to do it manually but was just hoping for any process to mitigate the time that will be spent. Grateful for any help.


This is a case of “do a little bit, and have it approved by the client” lessons.

It looks like you are going to have a long editing time ahead. I am not aware of anything any DAW can do to automatically insert silence spaces
into your track, and especially not for a full 3 hour length piece of work.


Does the client like the original pacing? If so, you may end up just restarting from the original recordings, and respect the proper pacing
from then onwards.

If not, you’ll end up having to re edit this from scratch.

Chalk it up to experience.

Wavelab can do this. If your audio is one long file then use auto split. If you have separate audio files try the Batch Processor with the Resizer plugin.

Anything you will try to do this automated will result in a similar disaster as you have now.
The matter of fact is that you need to add silence accorrding the pace of reading, in the right places, the right amount.
So only a human can do this correctly.


If you edited the chunks of audio already and want to change the gaps between them, a simple (but not completely accurate) way is to toggle the track from time base to midi base (the musical note) and lower the tempo of your session. You will see the audio events separate more if you lower the tempo and move closer if you raise the tempo. And don’t forget to toggle back the timebase to the clock icon.

That is a really good idea; but will this not result in gaps of silence inbetween the cuts?