is there any way to automate snap values for a sample?

Hi ,
I am trying to automate the snap value of an audio file and was hoping anybody had some tips for me.

I´ve allligned two audio files and phase reversed on of them to drag out the vocals, but one of the audio files keep going out of sync, exposing the instruments. So i´ve figured out that i can scroll in the snap value on the info line through the song, to keep it in sync. But it needs more precision than my scrolling. Is there any way to automate this?

I´ve set the snap value to samples and 1 sample, this way i can snap one and one sample to keep it sync (see attached pic)

Would be greatful for any advise!



I’d look for a delay plugin that can do delays by samples and automate that!

OK, that´s a good idea. Will try that, thank you!