Is there any way to change this input behaviour?


Whenever you enter caret mode on a rest, it defaults to a quarter note. This can be a bit frustrating when undoing the start of bar or deleting a note, as you expect to still be on the note value previously selected, but suddenly you won’t be. So you’ve to constantly re-select the same value. So it just interrupts the flow.

Is there any way this default for rests could be changed to ‘last input note value’?

Or even a way to ‘lock’ the input value…

At the moment, it always defaults to a quarter note. I agree that this is less than ideal, and having Dorico remember the value you selected last would be a nice option.

As an aside, (and perhaps this was only for the sake of your gif demo, so if you already do these things, please forgive me) but if you have a repeating pattern, it is much easier to input it once, and then copy that pattern to other measures and then simply re-pitch them using “lock to duration”. Also, learning the key commands for note values (press 5 to get eighth notes) is muuuuch faster than always going over with the mouse to select the values.

Thanks for your help.

I was using the mouse for illustration in this instance, but thank you, the hotkeys are way faster. The main headache I guess, is that you’ve to constantly check the note value for visual confirmation first - often I only realize it has changed when I start inputting notes. Then if I have to undo… If you go one undo step too far (which is extremely easy to do since selection counts as a step) you’re back at the quarter note value… You start to input again… and so on.

80% of the time I remember, but that 20% can really slow things down.

Here’s hoping for a tweak in the future!

Well, to be fair, it is not an unreasonable expectation to have to set your desired note value whenever you enter into note-entry mode, and if you keep exiting that mode to click around, you have to keep re-selecting. But I’ll certainly grant that if you’re working in certain meters, different default values will be more useful.

To that end, as a secondary FR: if the dev team decides to implement the ability to change the default note value that is enabled whenever we enter note entry mode, I’d love it if this was assignable on the fly, rather than buried in the preferences dialogue. That way, within one multi-flow project, you could have a movement that is mostly 8ths and another movement in 3/2 cut time that is mostly half-notes, and assign your preferred note entry value by, say, either long-clicking or long-pressing “5” or “7” depending on whichever flow you were working on. That would be pretty svelte.

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Not exactly, if (as @Romanos implied) you just reset the value, you do not have to visually check it.

Granted, there are likely ways to make the process easier for those who wish to have a set value persist when popping into and out of Note Entry mode.