Is there any way to create custom velocity curves in Cubase?

Hey everyone, I have a bit of a problem with my MIDI controller - because of my playing style (which is very soft), I find in extraordinarily difficult to reach any velocity value that is above 70 on my controller. It can be done, but it’s almost impossible with the way I prefer to play. I was wondering if there was a way of creating a custom velocity curve in Cubase to transform the range of about 0 to 64 to the entire range of 0 to 127, effectively doubling the sensitivity of my controller. I am well aware of the “velocity shift” MIDI insert, but the reason I prefer not to use it is because when I shift the velocity values upward, I lose the lower range of values, which are very important in many VSTs for acoustic instruments that I use. I would like to double the sensitivity to the entire range while not restricting any values. Is there any way of doing this in Cubase 7.5? I would think that there would be, but I just cannot find it if there is. The curves built into my own controller are awful, so I would prefer to design my own if there was a way. Thanks!

Use an Input transformer.


In more depth:

On your MIDI track, insert the MIDI Insert “Transformer”.

Open the Transformer.

In the top section (Filter Target) add a new line (with the + at the bottom of this section).

It should read “Type is Equal Note”.

That’s what we want here - this will ensure that the transformer only works on note data, not pitch bend or controllers.

Then in the bottom section (Action Target), hit the + to add a new line.

Change the line to read “Value 2 Multiply by 2”.

This will multiply the velocity (Value 2) of the notes by 2, doubling them. Anything coming in that’s above 64 will be capped to 127 anyway.

You may want to save that as a preset so you can recall it quickly.

Also, In the Inspector there is an option to set minimum & maximum velocities, [although this may be for after the recording].

Look in the Operation Manual at pages #451 for a picture & #453 for MIDI Modifiers - Range>Mode>Vel.Limit.

Click the down arrows and choose ‘Velocity’ and set your values.

You could try midicurve, Looks like it might do what you need.


Midi Shape Shifter is one of my favorite tools. Can do velocity curves, scaling, compression, LFO’s… it’s really a toolkit.

Wow - some great options here!

Thank you so much everyone for the great options, but I have just one more question - I was hoping that the plugins like MidiCurve and MidiShapeShifter would be able to be inserted as a MIDI plugin, but as I found out with both of them, they are just like any other VST instrument that can be inserted on the rack or as an instrument track. How would I go about setting up routing if I wanted to send all of my MIDI data through one plugin (either MidiCurve or MidiShapeShifter) and then out to every other VSTi in the entire project? Would it be possible to do this, or would one have to create a separate instance of the velocity curve plugin for every MIDI track that had a VSTi that I wanted affected?

Thank you again for the good options!

You’d have to create an instance for each track.

There’s an additional way to do this that I use, in MIDI Modifiers you can compress velocity.

Hello there,

i’m in search of the same feature that this topic talk about, but need some help as i’m a bit lost.

i record my piano tracks using a real acoustic piano with a Midi interface in it for piano.
it works very fine, except about one small issue. there is only 4 velocity curve preset in the Midi interface module, and none of them suit my playing.

as my main acoustic piano sound is Alicia’s Keys from Scarbee, i’m lucky, one of the velocity curve preset of this library suit perfectly my playing, it’s the convex 25% one.
when i want to record using the Mark I from Scarbee, i’m lucky a second time, Kontakt has a velocity curve script, so spending some times to achieve an ok curve for each kontakt library i want to use is ok too.

the issue is when i want to play a library who has no velocity curve at all in it, and who doesn’t run in Kontakt.

for example, i purchased the FM Tines library from gospel musicians, and unfortunatly, UVI workstation and the library itself doesn’t have any velocity curve script / preset.
impossible for me to use this library.

i was searching a way to do a custom velocity curve in cubase.
maybe someone knows how to program a velocity curve using one of the feature of cubase (i own the 7.5) ?

any help would be a lot appreciated ! thank you !

I think Breeze hit the nail on the head with the midi shape shifter plugin - - it will do what you want, in terms of create velocity curves. That should do the trick - you use it as a VSTi (in the rack, not as an instrument track!) and then feed its output to the input of the track you want to play on.

ho thanks !!! i tried to use the midicurve plugin but it was not working, i had no idea how to use a vst midi plugins who run as a vst instrument, and in fact, in the rack, i think i added it as an instrument lol :smiley: thanks i will try it immediatly.
yes, the midi shape shifter is better because there is a curve button.

EDIT: i think i understood how it’s work : i must put the two tracks in record mode to have it working in live so the signal will go from track one (the one with the plugin) to track 2 (the one with the sound).

i noticed that in the last version of kontakt there is now a “midi output” entry in the cubase inspector. i don’t know if it’s what i think ? it was not there before, and it’s not in the manual. the midi output was only working as standalone, i hope it’s what i think it is too :slight_smile:.

EDIT : it seems it’s a feature from cubase (sorry i’m an hearing impaired person, and working with cubase with the amp turned off is sometimes not easy !! can only use my eyes on the signal display). it seems it’s working like some internal virtual cable but i didn’t succed to have it working like i think. i still try to investigate :slight_smile:. it’s certainly documented in the manual but no idea on which page yet :smiley:.