Is there any way to disable 'preview'?

Greetings all,
I am a long time Logic user and am testing the Cubase 6 waters. So far so good and I like the way to browse for sounds (VST presets, etc). One thing though is that I have to wait for sounds to load when they are sample base before I can insert them into a project. This becomes especially annoying when I already know what sound I want and just want to simply add it. I couldn’t find a way in the program or manual to disable the autoload/preview. Can this be turned off?


There are two buttons on the right between the list and preview sections of Media Bay. The first is sync and the second is autoplay. Check the manual.

Okay I feel dumb…couldn’t find any reference in the manual but I must have missed it over and over.

Don’t, I miss things all the time and I’m incredibly intelligent… :sunglasses:

Okay so apparently this is only half the answer. The ‘auto play’ is only for loops/audio files. I found the answer after searching the manual for ‘Previewer’ and found it in the index and is accessible only through a key command (command+option+NumPad2)…this disables the previewer. Just like in logic many times the extra power of the program is hidden in the Key Commands.


Are you refering to “Preview AutoPlay On/Off”? That just operates the button in the previewer, doesn’t it? I’m confused because you mention a hidden option, which this isn’t.

No, I am not referring to the Preview AutoPlay. The option I am referring to completely disables the previewer and removes it from the browser. Like I said it is only listed in the Key Commands and it is defaulted to command+option+NumPad2. On page 547 of the manual is where I found it.


Ah, you were referring to the Previewer section, not the Preview facility. Just to check, you’re talking about the option labelled “Toggle Previewer” (?) and if so you can also do this in the display options. This button is the three rectangles, bottom left near to where you found the options and I mention it because you will see it all over the place and being aware of it may save you some time in future.

Cheers, C :smiley: