Is there any way to do a surround send from a stereo channel?

What I’m looking at is as follows:

I have a 7.1 master channel that everything feeds in to, to create a 7.1 surround output file. I also have a 7.1 channel that has a surround reverb (Cinematic Rooms) on it. However the rest of the instrument channels are all stereo or mono. Those are then panned using the VST Multipanner to place them where I want in space, which works properly. They then have a send to the 7.1 channel containing the reverb, and that does not pan properly, it looks like it is just a stereo send, so all the input is in the front channels, even when the instrument is panned hard to the rear.

Is there a way to specify the send is to be surround, and to take the panning from the Multipanner? I’ve looked and found no obvious way of doing that.

Does Cinematic Rooms offer surround input, or just surround output?

Have you set it so that the send panners follow the main panner in the track? I’m not sure if that’s the solution but it’s worth checking.

Also, for me sends show what they are capable of doing. So in my 5.1 template the send that goes to a purely mono track has no panning, the ones that go to a stereo track has stereo panning, and the ones that go to a 5.1 track have the full 5.1 panning. So just double-check that your routing is correct.

Both. That’s one easy way I can tell it is only getting front data is it has input (and output) meters for all the channel pairs. It actually supports up to 7.1.6 input and output, so it works in 3D mixes too.

I will check and see if they are set to follow panning, what is the correct way to do that to make sure I don’t screw things up? I’ll check on that, and I’ll redo and recheck my routing since it is very possible I messed things up given that this is the first time I’m trying surround mixing.

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“Setting Pan for the Sends”

That indeed did the trick. I hadn’t noticed the panning tab down at the bottom somehow. When I went there it did have a panner, as expected. It wouldn’t let me link them, for some reason that option was just not in the function menu. Then after closing and opening a different track, it was there, and worked as expected (it was on the original track as well).

It works as expected and puts the send for the source to match its position, and thus matches properly with the reverb.

Thanks for your help.