Is there any way to easily turn a "Player" into a "Section Player" in Setup?

I ask because some of my music was initially imported wrong, though I’ve already got the correct notes on the staves. For example, I’d love to be able to quickly change what is now a “first violin” individual player (assigned by default with Note Performer to “solo violin”) instead to a “first violin section” (assigned similarly in Note Performer) in Setup without having to create/delete/copy music, etc.


  • D.D.

If I recall correctly, you can simply create a new player the right way, and then drag the instrument’s card — the one collapsed under a player, which is what actually holds the music — to this new player.

Ah - but I wasn’t sure if I could drag a “single” player (and its associated content on the staff) to a “section” player, in Setup (without actually creating a new section player, and then manually copying and pasting the notes from the score from one to the other) - but obviously I will try this…

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It’s better to drag the solo Instrument (not the Player) to a newly created Empty-handed Section Player rather than giving the new Section player an instrument.

Finally checked this and works like a charm - thanks! The more I dive into Dorico, the more amazed I am at how much though went into the program from top to bottom - bravo.

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