is there any way to filter tremolos and mute them?

I don’t see this in Filters but it to me would be an obvious one. My string tremolo playback isn’t playing nice with Note Performer 3 so I was hoping to be able to both filter them and then say “mute tremolo” in Properties, etc. but then still play back just the notes the tremolos are attached to. Is this possible (and if not, if there a hope for the future?)
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  • D.D.

No, it’s not possible to filter for notes with tremolos (for similar reasons to why it is not possible to filter for notes with articulations), and you cannot mute only the tremolo part of a note. It might be the case that applying a tiny playback start or end offset to a note in Play mode is sufficient to prevent it from playing a tremolo, I’m not sure.

I’ll have to test how your suggestion works with Note Performer’s algorithm (I still haven’t completely figured out exactly how the two operate together with these sorts of timing things)…

I just tried what you suggested with Note Performer 3 and unfortunately it doesn’t seem to work? (I had an ugly-sounding tremolo in a low piano part and so offset its start time like so:

but the tremolo played back. This would definitely be a useful feature to have (at least for the future), though I’m also why it doesn’t work at least with Note Performer 3 (I’m presuming something to do with how the reading of the Dorico data is “baked in” even if you make timing adjustments to the underlying MIDI data in Play Mode)?

  • D.D.

I think that simply my assumption that Dorico wouldn’t play any tremolos for a note with a non-zero start or end offset is wrong, nothing more, nothing less.