Is there any way to freeze VIs that are part of a drum map?

I use a drum map to split a single MIDI drum channel between two VIs (BFD3 and Kontakt) in my project. Works great, means I can route the notes I want to one or the other to play a given drum instrument. However, I’m trying to freeze all my tracks in case I later reopen this project years down the road and don’t have the VI’s installed anymore, or they’ve changed, or whatever. Everything else freezes fine, but I can’t freeze the ones that are part of the drum map. I click the button, it brings up the freeze dialogue, but it doesn’t actually freeze.

It’s not a massive problem or anything, but given that BFD3 is not getting updated to VST3 and I probably won’t have it on my system in the future, it would be nice to have the track frozen so I could still load the audio if I wanted to.

I typically export a “mixdown” of the drum part, along with each separate drum on it’s own Mono or Stereo channel.

Keeping them separate helps if a DJ will be remixing the song.

Not using “freezing.”