Is there any way to get Dorico to play this back properly?

I want (when playing the score back the 2nd time through) for the held notes circled at right to hold “into” the downbeat of the bar with the notes circled at left. Right now the notes to the right (on the repeat) are played very short and not re-sounded at left. If this isn’t currently possible, is this something Dorico will consider adding in the future? This plus being able to notate “left-leaning” rather than just “right-leaning” laissez-vibrer ties would both seem to be fairly commonly needed (at least in “jazz world” :slight_smile:)…
Thanks as always -

  • D.D.

It’s not currently possible, because Dorico doesn’t keep track of the state of things (either for notation or playback) around repeat barlines. But since this is closely related to your other thread you already know that we are planning to tackle this area in a future version.

Yes - I’ll wait! Thanks -