Is there any way to keep mediabay alway on top?

Hi there,

Its very frustrating as a live, Logic and Pts user to have it vanish every time I drag a file,

Even if there is some kind of 3rd party app to allow me to do this that would be great.

I have searched but could find no solution.

I’m using Cubase 5 and still on Win XP
I don’t have two monitors

Thanks in advance for any help


There doesn’t seem to be a way around this right now. We are expecting improvements in this area in C7. Check out this topic, you might find something useful here.

Thank you for your reply,

You would think after all this time and probably the number of people using IMacs like me they would fix this. I want to like this software but Im just in and off it all the time because if silly issues like this, Im sure someone would pop in and say buy another monitor :unamused: . My space isnt large enough as it us.

Im just about weaned off Ableton live so now its between PTS and Cubase

Thanks again