Is there any way to layering?

Is there any way to layering without tricks? So that you can easily connect many VST instruments to one MIDI track and work comfortably. (I tried MIDI sends, but they are limited, and not playing notes when editing MIDI in piano roll, and it is not convenient at all)

Using Shared Parts on the tracks would be a step in that direction, but true layering of tracks other then the MIDI Sends or virtual MIDI loopbacks is not present in Cubase.


Native methods in order of ‘easy to implement’.

  1. AUX MIDI Sends. MIDI tracks can do it, but sadly instrument tracks do not have these AUX sends.

  2. Clone/Copy entire track (delete or mute things you want omitted for a given ‘layer’.).

  3. Select and copy the original event/part(s) from project view. Tap l to snap the cursor to the beginning of the event/part. Make or choose an empty track. Paste to the track using “Repeat Events” (1 time), and tick ‘Shared Copies’. This method creates a kind of ‘linked event’ where the contents are the same as the original. Editing/changing any one of the ‘shared events’ applies to all. Group it all in a folder that can be closed/expanded when you need to save screen space.

I know you didn’t ask for them, but in case others doing searches are interested in ‘the tricks’ that aren’t built into Cubase…

For the third party ‘tricks’, I usually ‘sub-host’ complex multi-plugin sounds in something like bidule (not free for plugin versions), Kushview Element (free), or something similar (Bluecat and others exist).

My personal favorite to date is bidule for way too many reasons to list here. Best and most used plugin I own. Major swiss army knife of a utility/plugin!

Virtual MIDI ports are also an option. Every system should have some installed. It’s built into the Mac audio control panel. For Windows a good option (powerful, stable, and free) is loopMIDI.

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It really is weird that it doesn’t exist in Cubase. I switched to Live partly due to this