Is there any way to line up 4 separate blocks of system text that are in a row?

Such as in this example?:

What I’d love to be able to do is line them up such that either the bottom or top of each separate system text here is exactly on the same horizontal plane (instead of having to do this manually)! If not, might this be something feature-wise to consider for the future? (apologies if this has already been covered).

  • D.D.

So basically, a ‘grouping’ style feature (like with dynamics), but with a settable property to align to top, middle, or bottom?
Yeah, could be useful!


Sibelius has a command, “Align in a Row,” which I used to use all the time for situations like this. I would welcome something like that in Dorico - it’s maybe not as semantic as the “grouping” feature, but it’s fast and convenient.