Is there any way to link raw takes and post processed takes?

I’ve recently started using more outboard for vocals (i.e. compression and reverb) and when recording into Cubase i now record the raw (mono direct from pre-amp) feed, and also the post (stereo) FX feed into seperate tracks.

I like to have the raw mono vocal incase i want to put it through a VST based compression/fx at a later date, or process tuning etc… However, as a project matures the vocals have usually been cut/split moved around the project so to pick up those raw vocals again is quite tricky. So, Is there any way to echo the actions/cuts/splits/moves/comps that i make on the processed vocals tracks to the raw vocals so they move in place also? Anyone know?

The only way i can liken it is to video software where you can link audio and video assets when trimming/moving - anything like that exists in Cubase for two audio tracks to retain a relationship?

Even if there’s not a function like that, i’d appreciate advice from anyone who’s recording/archiving raw vocals as to what works best for them.

You could put both processed and non-processed vocal tracks in a folder and turn on group editing.

Record them into a stereo track, dry on one side, wet on the other (or use 3 channel audio if the wet is stereo). Then use the 6to2 plugin to mute and pan them accordingly. My template has tracks set up for this with the 6to2 plugin already in place.

Thanks both, different methods that i can try - appreciated! :slight_smile: