Is there any way to link the Project & Mixer Windows?

I have programmed my favorite configurations into my Mixer Window and, sadly had to repeat the entire process to get those configurations into the Project Window. I have the top 8 programmed into my MC Control. But because of that stupid “Window Attention” feature now implemented in N7, I have to keep switching back and forth between the windows to get them to match.

I would like to be bale to just hit the one preset button that calls up the configuration on the mixer and have the project window automatically go to those same settings. Is there any way to link the 2 windows to get this function? I’m not finding what I need in the manual to suggest how this might be done. Has anybody done this? :question:

“sync project and mix console”?


It’s NOT working. If I select “No. 3 All Audio” in the mixer window, the project window still shows all tracks, including MIDI. I have to manually go over to the project window and change it to “No. 3 All Audio.” How do I get it to do that automatically?

Sorry, I meant a different option.

In the project window, if you open the Inspector, you’ll at the top have the two tabs “Inspector” and “Visibility”. If you hover over the word “Visibility” you have a little triangle that appears to the right of the word and if you click it will show a drop-down menu. That’s where the option is.

Thanks! :mrgreen: I synched the project window to all 4 mixers. So now they move together. That’s the good news. The bad news is the configuration labels do not switch to reflect the change. :open_mouth: That seems very odd to me. Why wouldn’t both titles match? :question:

Who knows?..

I typically link just the first mixer to the project window, and I use it to tweak whatever I need to tweak in a certain phase of working. The last two mixer windows are set up for mixing and printing respectively, where #3 shows audio tracks and groups (which contain my summed “food groups”, meaning dialog, narration, music etc), and #4 shows all my outputs and sometimes also groups. I use #4 when I print to verify that signals are going where they should, and the way I route my post projects is that all output channels are “dummies” which actually are never routed to any physical output. Instead they make up the mixes and stems. So anything I print, either in realtime or faster-than-realtime will take the signal from the outputs. In any given template those outputs are set up and I never touch them. For me it’s a nice separation of the points in the signal flow, and the mixer setups reflect that.

So in other words rather than sync all mixers to the project window I just do the first one because it represents one part of the flow, and then the rest other parts. And therefore it doesn’t really matter much to me what the label says because I typically only change the view in mixer #1 in conjunction with the project window, and typically it all begins with changing the view in the latter.

Anyway, I know that was more of a comment than an answer…