Is there any way to move all of my VST sounds to an external drive to save space on my Imac?

Like it says, I would like to free up space without screwing up function; can I somehow tell Dorico to find my VST on an external drive? I have 1 Terabyte there and lots less on the computer…

The HALion/Steinberg sounds can be moved via the Library Manager. What you can do with other VST sounds may depend on the VST in questions. Certainly Vienna Ensemble Pro (VEP) would work if you were using two machines, but you would need a license for each machine (a host license and a slave license).

Derrick, thanks… do I move EVERYTHING I have in the Library Manager to the external drive? Does Dorico know where to look?


Yes, the whole point of the Steinberg Library Manager app is to … err… manage your Steinberg libraries!

You can move them in that app, and Steinberg apps will still know where to look for them.

There are various different categories that you can move separately.

Most other third-party libraries will also let you move samples to other locations. The same is true for Logic/Garageband samples.

Thanks Benwiggy… the only reason I had asked is becasue I HAD changed the location using the move feature, and Dorico did not find them, so I fugured I had done something wrong…

It should do, as long as you’ve restarted Dorico. But really it’s the HALion player that needs to find them, regardless of the host app.

I moved all my BBC Symphony Orchestra, Kontact and HALion libraries from a slow external hard drive to an external solid state drive, ran the various library managers and most importantly, corrected permissions on the new drive. Dorico and Cubase are running well. If I remember correctly, the software managers on some libraries keep you from using the external drive across different machines.

“Corrected permissions”? Is this Windows or Mac?

I’m not convinced that’s necessary on MacOS. I have “Ignore ownership on this volume” checked on the external drive that houses my libraries, which is fairly standard, and all works fine.


It is a Mac.