Is there any way to open CPR files without Cubase?

I lost the E license during relocation. I am missing some of my projects too much. I wish i could open them with another program like Sonar so i can continue. I lost E license together with Eastwest CCC play. I took the dongles with me because i thought these are important. Only these 2 are missing.

Not pad will open the projects with tons of text. I don’t think change the CRP with CWP will work

Did you contact Steinberg support?

I contacted Steinberg in my country as the person suggested here. They told me i need new e license then they can do the rest. I ordered new dongle from amazon and let them know i am ready. But they didn’t response. They speak on the phone “no problem we can do this, send us e mail with the information etc” then i send another e mail, nothing happened.

I also send e mail to the other agency. No response. By the way they gave new license for my lost ilok, i can use now, as i mentioned i lost the 2 dongles together.

I think i will try to download cubase 7 trial because i have e license now. At least i could export my projects