Is there any way to post screen shots on the forum?

Just what it asks. I’m having a problem with 2 voices on the same stave. Go through Change voice/new upstem voice (or downstem) which works unpredictably. I got the stems up and down exactly as I wanted them last night, double checked, then saved the project. This morning they show both voices all stems up. I have done nothing yet to the project. It appears only to affect two players of the same instrument. This also happened last night. I moved on to deal with other details (dynamics and text) looked back and the stems thing had happened so I redid them. There doesn’t seem any point in doing them again until the very last operation before the very last save, then export the pdf. I’m getting fed up with it.

But the only way I can show what I mean is with a picture.
Thanks if you can tell me how to post one.


Probably you’re not unlocked yet by the dicourse forum:

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Ok. But I’m on the point of giving up with this… It may be simpler to have a score printed off and do the alterations with Tippex and biro.
Thanks for the tip. I haven’t a clue what sandboxing is and I’m not here to make mischief or be frivolous.

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I know it is annoying in the beginning, but here are the steps that you need to do:

Get to trust level 1 by…

  • Entering at least 5 topics
  • Reading at least 30 posts
  • Spend a total of 10 minutes reading posts

I also gave your inital post a like, as I hope this might help as well. Don’t give up!

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Thank you indeed.

I have key shortcuts set for “Change Voice to Upstem Voice 1” (Alt 1) and “Change Voice to DownStem Voice 1” (Alt 2). I rarely need more voices than that. Note that you have to create DownStem 1 first. That works flawlessly for me.

You haven’t flipped any stems manually, have you? Might be worth selecting the notes and using Edit > Remove Forced Stems, so that they obey the direction of their Voice.

These instruments aren’t condensing, are they?

Thank you for the tips. I’ve only had this software a couple of weeks so learning my way around. I made the voice adjustments, editing an xlm import; double checked them (because they had already reverted to one direction stems but not as chords in some cases), saved the project assured that all was well. When I opened it this morning, the stems on one staff have reverted to all up. Without a screen shot it would be too long a post to describe what Dorico has done.
(At worst, I’ll print off what I’ve got, correct it by hand and photocopy it from there.)

When you do gain the opportunity to upload files, it might help us more to see a few measures of the actual Dorico file that exhibits the problem rather than a picture; so if you could post an excerpt, that would be most helpful.

You should also understand how Dorico parses voices. If there is a single line of music, say all notes are in voice 1, then the stem direction for each note will obey the rules for direction depending on the position of the note head in the staff. It won’t be until a second voice is added to the staff that the stems will flip (up for voice 1 and down for voice 2). I have had students get totally confused by this behavior, especially since it’s a measure-by-measure process (i.e. not all stems of a voice in adjacent measures flip when the second voice is added).

From the musical point of view, so mote it be.
I’ll try and explain the impasse in greater detail then let it go. The topic was about throwing screen shots, not the etiquette of part writing but still…
In a daw, to save excessive staves for an orchestral score, I wrote parts for four horn players, two trumpeters and two trombonists on 3 staves.

Dorico correctly received the .xml (well, concerning this issues it did).
I split the horns onto two staves 1,3 and 2,4.
Thus I have 4 staves in total each with 2 players. When both players are at it Dorico shows them as chords - fine but I needed to point the stems the right way to make musical sense (as they weren’t always entering leaving and playing together). I was kindly given a solution here that seemed to work.

So I ended up last night with the thing notated satisfactorily (including rests). I double checked it then saved it,

When I opened it this morning before doing anything else, I re-checked. One particular staff had changed. Some of its down stems now pointed up but not as chords, separate notes very close to those they should be vertically aligned with. It only affected some bars on one staff. No other 2 player staff was affected.

So whether it was me inadvertently doing something on the fly as I reached for “save” or Dorico parsing what it finds on the save or on the open and didn’t like what it found, I don’t know.

But I think it will be clear why a screenshot or two would have saved hundreds of words.

I really can’t face having to re-do this stem stuff every time I open the file, it’s so disheartening. So I’ll edit it manually when I print the score off.

I have another problem to do with “front matter format” and once again, a picture would explain all, but apparently I’m not allowed to put them here. So I’ll have to take it elsewhere. Somehow.
Thanks for your response.

I can’t explain why Dorico was changing things - I’ve certainly found it entirely stable.

However, isn’t 2 Horns on the same staff exactly what Dorico’s condensing is for?
Put each instrument as a separate Player, and Condense the staves together. This will automatically put the stems in the right position, depending on whether they are in unison or not, and you won’t have to worry about manually changing the voices.

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Does it look something like this?

If so, the two up-stem notes are in 2 different up-stem voices - here I’ve got Up-stem voice 1 and Up-stem voice 2 pointing up, and Down-stem voice 1 pointing down. If you changed the stem direction by flipping of changing to a new voice, that might be what’s happened - Dorico does voice tidy-up when you close and reopen projects (i.e. if you added a 2nd down-stem voice at some point but ended up without any notes in it, that voice is deleted). However, this shouldn’t affect active voices (voices with notes in them)

If you select individual noteheads and look in the status bar at the bottom of the window, you can see the voice to which they belong. If you have multiple active up-stem voices where you only want a single up-stem voice (with up-stem and down-stem voices being numbered separately, that is, Down-stem voice 1 is usually the 2nd voice on a staff) you can then change the voice of notes to consolidate them. Sometimes for example, if I’ve got a passage that I know I want to be completely in up-stem voice 1, I’ll select all of it and change the voice.

This seems over-draconian. Quite a few people have fallen foul of this regulation when they are in need of help here.

If spending ten minutes on the forum poking around will minimize spam postings, I am all for it. Clicking on 30 posts spread over five threads shouldn’t take more than ten minutes if one wants to post on the forum.

It also seems to increase the likelihood of new users searching for relevant answers before posting. The downside to that is there seems to be more necroposting than there used to be.

One of the strengths of this forum is that spammers are (hopefully) discouraged, and actively weeded out if they try nevertheless.

If new users are also dissuaded, how would we ever know? We’d never hear from them.

I consider this regime actively new-user hostile.

“This seems over-draconian. Quite a few people have fallen foul of this regulation when they are in need of help here.”

Does being unable to post images stop spammers? Making people feel uncomfortable might (as I do) but not being a spammer I don’t know. There aren’t enough hours in the day as is. I have no sales, promotion or advertising to put up.

Like I’ve said, a picture could be worth many hundred words - but those many hundred words could be the spam.

And I don’t know what is meant by “click on a post” to say I’ve read it. I’ve read way over 30 posts here.

I’ll stay away until informed I’m old enough to be treated like the adult I am. Sorry that I started all this. First music forum I’ve encountered like it.

Your stats indicate that you should be able to upload images. Have you tried dragging and dropping a screenshot straight onto the message reply box? Or using the upload button at the top of the reply box?

So, I’m bound to ask - is there a support desk, link, email, whatever, to which to address technical queries about this software?