Is there any way to reduce an entire page to make it fit on one page if it only has one extra line?

I have frequently come across a part that ends up having 2 pages, with the second page only containing a single line… I know I can go to Engraver and play around with the number of measures per line, etc, but is there any way to simply reduce the size of the content by a percentage, or to force the extra line of music into the first page? Thanks for this great forum!

Change note spacing from 4 to 3.5 or so.

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You’ve got a few options, including -


Outstanding! Not only did I discover the note spacing thing, but I found I could do it for only the neccesary parts; it was not global. And Derrick was faster than Lillie, which is also amazing! Thank you both so much.

Don’t forget, you can also increase the spacing to fill the second page, if squeezing it to one page is too tight.

Thank you!

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