Is there any way to select only the tracks/channels that are assigned to groups?

Is there some way to to select channels that are assigned to groups channels but not selecting those groups itslef.
For ex to select only bold ones
1 stGroup Track A1 & A2
Track A1 (goes into 1stGroup )
Track A2 (goes into 1stGroup )
Track B1
2ndGroup Track C1 & C2
Track C1(goes into 2ndGroup )
Track C2(goes into 2ndGroup )

Tried with PLE also looked at macro but couldn’t find it. Anyone knows?


How many channels are we talking about? Are they too dispersed in the project?

You could paint them a color for each group and then use the color in PLE like this. (In this example you painted the first group with the color named Red, and the second with the color named Blue.

But if they are too many and too far apart painting them would take you significant time.

This a case for a “Select Sources” command. :slightly_smiling_face:

For a single group channel you could use the Visibility Agent in the Mixer console.
Select your group channel and chose the item from the Agent that lets you view channels only connected to this group. Afterwards you manually select those channels (with Shift it becomes rather fast).

Thanks for suggestion but yes that’s the reason why color wont work since those would be all over the place.

Thats a bit tedious but Visibility agents project(not in mixer) could work in combo with PLE for selection. I will try to figure on that thx. :slight_smile:

What I mean is to select all channels that output are not routed to the "Stereo Out(Master) but rather to groups. That would be win if can be done more of less without hassle.

Hmm. How about this.

Select Stereo Out. Show Connected channels. Then, PLE invert visibility.

Then PLE select visible:

You can bake them to a macro:


You select the Stereo Out, and fire the macro. It works here, not sure how it’ll go for you. You may have to filter out unwanted channels from the Track/Channel Filter in the end. (I assumed the tracks’ outputs are routed to the groups. If they’re just sending… I don’t know.)

Yes this works indeed, with few additional things I combined with this such as avoiding selecting midi channels(not instrument) and VCA this comes very handy.
Thx for help :blush:

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Wow! Great! :fist_right:t3: :fist_left:t3: