Is there any way to selectively control the space after a single line within several in System Text?

I’m typing in a bunch of rap lyrics for this Broadway project and hate the fact that if I want to leave a gap after a certain line within a single system text instance (such as when a new character speaks), my only option appears to be to add an extra “carriage return”, which leaves too large a gap. Is there any way (or might there be in the future) to (for example): put the cursor at the end of the word “FINE” (in this attached example), and then specify the no. of points after THIS LINE ONLY that I’d like to insert an extra gap? This would come in extremely handy and would avoid my having to create an entirely new system text instance just to control the spacing better between each separate person speaking:
Screen Shot 2019-02-04 at 6.33.18 PM.png
Thanks for any thoughts!

  • D.D.

Select the 3rd line and set the baseline down.


Much thanks! I had actually experimented with “baseline” but should’ve done more research as I obviously wasn’t implementing it correctly…I’m not surprised that there was a way to do it given how much customization is possible within Dorico!