Is there any way to selectively filter "All MIDI Inputs"?

I would like just a couple of external midi controllers to control my Roland Integra 7. As it stands at the moment, I have All MIDI Inputs selected in the Inspector window for each of the IIntegra’s 16 channels and I am trying to use my V-synth GT as a controller. The Integra response fine to note input but when I use any of the assaignable CC knobs, switches, TT pad on the v-synth, the midi input meters in the transport window activate but the Integra doesn’t respond to the controllers.

NOW when I set the midi input in the inspector window to just the v-synth, THEN the Integra responses to the midi CC data as it should. My guess is the midi out from the integra itself cancelling the controller data from the v-synth.

So, short of having to disable any instrument’s midi out, is there a better way than the choice of all or one controller in the inspector??

You can select which of the available MIDI inputs will be included in “All MIDI Inputs”, in the Devices menu>Device Setup>MIDI>MIDI Port Setup>‘All MIDI Inputs’ column.
I have often wished there were multiple versions of this available (labelled, e.g. “Merged MIDI 1”, Merged MIDI 2" etc. :slight_smile: )

thanks for the reply. i understand this approach but it is global. i was hoping i could leave the midi port set up alone and filter on a track by track basis. I’m sure I’m not the only one who would like this feature

You can use midi plugins to alter this - filtering - in realtime. In Elements you have no plugin bays for midi plugins, but Artist and Cubase does.

I don’t remember seing one soch plugin that can select ports because it’s probably not available info once data reach the plugin. But I could be wrong.

But you can select channels, ranges of notes and midi CC etc.

From your description it could be some loopback of midi that cause the problem.
I’m not sure how you use midi from Integra - getting sysex stuff, or?

If you remove that midi out on Integra cable, does it work with all midi inputs then?
Just a way to narrow down the issue.