Is there any way to set things so that any selected metronome or tempo indicators are NOT played back?

I ask because I’ve synced my Dorico file to video (that contains mock-up music I also am syncing) after originally importing into Dorico a MIDI tempo map, and seemed to have done something such that the two are now out of sync (when they were originally rock solid). I’ve inserted into the score some “Rit’s” and MAY have accidentally moved a metronome marking, so I’m just wondering if there’s a way to make sure any such “moves” do not affect the synchronization with a video in which I don’t want the relationship between the video’s music and the music in my Dorico file to change even if I insert things into the score for the purposes of actual notation.

Thanks for any help!

  • D.D.

I don’t think so. Adding tempo marks to the score creates events in the tempo lane in play mode, and editing the tempo lane graphically creates MM marks or rits/accels in the score.

I guess re-importing the tempo map is one way to fix the problem.

Enter those markings just as text…?

Seems like it could be useful (if there isn’t currently a way) to tell Dorico: “please don’t affect the underlying data with any inserted rit.'s and mm. marks” (just like you can choose to mute the playback of notes, control the no. of repeats, etc.) especially in situations like this (my two cents!) But yes - let me try re-importing the Tempo Map (hadn’t thought of that!)

  • D.D.

Just an update: re-importing the Tempo Map (by George) worked!

Having said that, it seems that there still ought to be a way to insert a “ritardo” indication in the score but to tell Dorico not to actually play it back (short of using System Text instead, which certainly is one workaround), to avoid these syncing issues with video (my two cents!)

  • D.D.

Cubase does have a “lock tempo track” option. But Dorico doesn’t quite have a tempo track as such - not yet anyway.

It is intended that in the future it will be possible to mute tempo markings so that they don’t affect playback.