Is there ANY way to split the mixers?

Is there ANY way to split or un-link the mixers in Nuendo? I would very much like to be able to open 2 channels at once for edit comparison. Moreover, as I have almost no feedback from my Artist Mix units, I would like to put a couple of small 17" monitors (one over each) above them to act as my led meters/channel info. But with the mixers “locked,” the view is always the same, so they won’t match the readout from the mix. If nothing else, I would at least like to open the channel edit view in each monitor, without having to drag it!

Ex: If I open a channel on the left screen, the channel opens on the left screen. But if I open a channel on the right screen, the channel still opens on the left. I would like the channel that I open on the right screen to open ON the right monitor. If I could split the mixers, then I should be able to open the right channels on the right monitors. As it is now, the only way to do that is to drag the channel over to the right screen which wastes time.

Nuage will let you view 2 channels at once. They can also lock mixers to one fader pack or another. So, there should be some kind of setting in the DAW to make this possible, right? Or is this a Nuage only feature, via something in the hardware? If not, then how do I split the mixers for separate settings?


Eucon/Steinberg limitation. Not quite there yet. Although I doubt you will get all that you would like anytime soon. But I do expect eucon mirroring ought to be implemented sooner rather than later.

Special split mixes and dual inspector channels probably won’t happen is my guess. I might be wrong though.

So, dual channel view is Nuage Specific?

Yep, at this time yes. It should the impossible to implement if SB wanted to, but i personally doubt it would be t the top of the to do list.