Is there any way to stop a sample from playing

Hi all,

I would like to assign wav files of songs to beat agent pads and use a midi controller to launch them ala Ableton. However I do not see any way to stop the sample from playing once launched, and worse, if the pad is invoked more then once, the song will be invoked again. Is there a way to stop a sample once it has started, short of clearing the sample from the pad?

A sample cutoff probably could be accomplished by using GE’s hihat logic where a closed hihat pad stops the sound from an open hihat pad. I don’t see anywhere in the GE documention how to relate two pads so one cuts off the other. Any ideas?

With help from Google I found the answer. Pads assigned to the same “exclusive group” in GE do not play simultaneously. A pad’s group is assigned in ‘Edit->Main’ screen by the field labeled ‘Excl’. Loading a short wav file consisting of silence to a pad, and assigning that pad to the same group will enable that pad to be used for a sample cutoff.