Is there any way to stop a sample from playing

Hi all,

I would like to assign wav files of songs to beat agent pads and use a midi controller to launch them ala Ableton. However I do not see any way to stop the sample from playing once launched, and worse, if the pad is invoked more then once, the song will be invoked again. Is there a way to stop a sample once it has started, short of clearing the sample from the pad?

A sample cutoff probably could be accomplished by using GE’s hihat logic where a closed hihat pad stops the sound from an open hihat pad. I don’t see anywhere in the GE documention how to relate two pads so one cuts off the other. Any ideas?

With help from Google I found the answer. Pads assigned to the same “exclusive group” in GE do not play simultaneously. A pad’s group is assigned in ‘Edit->Main’ screen by the field labeled ‘Excl’. Loading a short wav file consisting of silence to a pad, and assigning that pad to the same group will enable that pad to be used for a sample cutoff.

For anyone who still cares in 2023:
If you go to the tab ‘Sample’ in Beat Agent and then use the play button in the left upper corner, you can play and stop the sample.
In the sample tab you can also go to ‘One Shot’ and switch it to ‘Until Release’ , then your sample only plays back as long as you press the pad.

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By “Beat Agent” do you mean “Groove Agent”? If I understand your answer correctly, you’re saying that IFF the sound is initiated with the Play button in the upper left corner, then it can be stopped with the same button.

But I understood the OP’s question to mean, is there anyway to stop the sound if it’s initiated in the usual way, i.e., from a pad or in the music? I have that same question. Making it part of an exclusive group with an empty pad to stop it as suggested in Jan 2018 is cumbersome, especially if you don’t want all the other pads in that group to be exclusive of each other.

So… back to the OPs question. If I have a long sample in Groove Agent that’s playing and I want to stop it, is there anyway to do so?

9 days ago I posted a reply to this thread saying that I have the same question and I don’t think the OP’s question was fully understood or addressed. Since then there’s been no further discussion on this question.

I have a Groove Agent SE5 drum kit that has some very long (20-30+ second) samples of industrial sounds that I use as percussion. So if I’m auditioning some music I’m writing that uses one of those how do I stop the sound so I can edit my music or loop and play it again? The idea of making the sample exclusive is impractical for the reasons I indicated in my response. I just want to say to GA SE5, “Okay, stop playing!”.