Is there any way to use Cubase Pro or Artist without the USB eLicenser?

Is there any way to take the license of the usb stick and just put it on the hard drive so I don’t have to clog a USB port with this thing?

Also, it looks kinda bent out of the box. The plastic part is bent slightly upward. Is this normal?

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No, like the thread above said, the USB eLicenser dongle is required to use Cubase Pro and Artist.

However, Steinberg is currently developing a piracy protection solution that wont require the USB dongle.

No, at present you cannot run Artist or Pro without the USB eLicenser. Steinberg are apparently working on an alternative licensing procedure that will not require the USB eLicense but that’s still a way off I believe.

No it’s not normal for it to be bent!

Make sure your licenses are registered in your MySteinberg account in case you do break (or lose) the unit.

Great thanks hope they develop something soon because I hate the dongle. Mostly that it takes up a USB I need.
I shouldn’t say it’s bent but rather there is a slight upward tilt to the plastic part. I almost looks intentional which is why I asked.

I have several dongles from over the years and a couple of them either look bent or are cracked or the USB connector is loose. The older ones in particular seemed more prone to damage of some kind. They still work, but I get paranoid, and I’ve bought a new dongle and transferred the licenses. The newer dongles are smaller and seem a little more robust IMO.

As for taking up a USB port, may I suggest just getting a USB hub?

As for getting rid of the dongle, I’m with you though, looking forward to when they dispense with them and come up with a different activation system.

This is great news. Can you link to any official statement to verify this?

The day this happens is the day I’ll upgrade my Cubase Elements… :smiley:


Ohhhhhhh wow. This is very exciting indeed.

Any news on this? This is one factor I’m reconsidering Cubase on my laptop, for fear of the flimsy dongle.

I’m on the other boat, I actually like the Dongle protection compared to the soft eLicenser. This is simply because I normally work on my desktop, but from time to time I need to go somewhere else for a tracking session and I’m too lazy to bring my desktop. Instead I’m using a laptop and with the dongle I can just insert the dongle to the laptop and use Cubase without any issues.

I am so looking forward to this. Hope it happens soon