Is there anyone out there who has Cubase 10 working FLAWLESSLY?

So many issues and problems for me (already stated on another thread) however one guy said in another post that he has it installed for 3 days with ZERO problems, is that really the case, can it be that all these issues are only happening to some of us and not others?
I would like to hear from ppl who are using this update with ZERO issues, no GUI disappearing issues, totally happy with the shrunk context menu, Variaudio and all other functions working without ANY issues at all. If so (which I very much doubt) please state your system and what you are using. This could be related to hardware or the fact that we are not all using 4k monitors???
…well apart from the butchered contextual menu …

This will be interesting…

Just to be real about this.
It is way to early to make the call, that c10 is working ok.

I have a 100s of functions I need to test out.
I have a lot of sync options that needs testing with my hardware.
I have 100s of plugins to confirm working.
I have several import export formats that needs the ok.
I have all my hardware control panels with midi/sysex that needs testing.
I have my controllers that need testing.
I have to make shure my keyboard shortcuts and my autohotkey scripts cover the changes in short menues and tools.
Then there is confirming bugs and finding bugs in my workflow.

It is a massive list of things that needs to be checked ok, before making the move and give c10 the green light.
If you are running a bigger setup then mine, it is even more things to check.

I can come back and give a better answer in 2-3 weeks. I doupt that It will be a bug free report. But who knows, I might be able to work with c10.
For now it is on the test bench.

Well yes I agree, however within 10 minutes of installing and starting up I realised that my context menu has been destroyed and butchered, workflow hindered, Gui problems- disappearing checkboxes and red fader outlines in the mixer section, huge fonts and some tacky screens and colours, basically within just a few minutes, i can tell that this upgrade is unworkable for me…

Mines working 100% fine. Apart from two very minor graphical bugs and a couple missing features + old known bugs that were in earlier versions. Performance wise its much better, feels a lot snappier than 9.5.

I think some of the issues people are having can be fixed by updating their computer hardware and software drivers.

I don’t have many problems anymore. I have some issues with C10 freezing when I use my midi keyboard and certain VSTs. I still need to do more testing if it’s just the VST, the Midi Keyboard or both. Also, I had to re-install everything since I had so much problem with missing contend, i thought it is easier to remove everything and install again than manually start to move hundreds of files to different folders.

Really happy for you that yours is working fine, but if I have to upgrade my hardware every time I upgrade my DAW it wont make financial sense for me I’m afraid. The music business is hard enough these days with so much piracy and file sharing, so making a living in this industry has became a real challenge, then paying hefty sums of money for software that requires a new system every time you update (sounds a bit like the Apple dictatorship)

My system is pretty powerful with i7 running windows x64 with 32GB of ram I should not need to upgrade my hardware.

Im not talking about upgrading hardware physically… im talking about updating your driver sets FOR your hardware.

So literally by definition, not 100% fine then.

You sure about that? Personally, the only difference I’ve noticed is that a few plugins appear to open very slightly quicker, but it’s marginal at best.

I don’t think I’ve encountered anyone else who has noticed/remarked on any significant increase in “snappiness” and CPU usage is pretty much identical as far as I’ve observed.

Expectation bias can be a powerful thing…

I am finding C10 a good experience with the exception that it will not release its driver to WL, RX7, HOFA CD Burner, and WinMedia Player.

But here’s something I did learn about the install - you can screw it up. When I first downloaded the 22G file and opened it I made the mistake of clicking on the ‘Cubase10’ installer icon (circled in RED in the attached pic) instead of the ‘Setup’ icon (circled in green).

So I lost all kinds of content and it seems like other various features. Anyway, I deleted C10 via CClean and reinstalled it using the ‘Setup’ icon.

To the complainers, yes, I agree there are a few things I would like to see addressed and returned to what they were (right click options in the Project Window!) HOWEVER this version C10 version of Cubase is fast and easy to navigate. It performs solidly except for the driver issue I am having - which is a total pisser for my work flow. In fact, can anyone here tell me if they are having THIS problem?

Do you run really large project templates? With hundreds of vsts? The software runs 100% fine, no crashes, no hangs and loads everything perfectly fine. Infact it loads quicker and seems to be performing better with my large templates. Bugs are bugs, all DAWs encounter some form of teething issues because its impossible for developers to test EVERY potential hardware / software configuration that users will have…

So far ive had no issues with my projects and ive been able to work just productively as previous versions. Difference with my opinion is i dont class minor things like “a graphic not working” or “menu moved” as a broken DAW. And I most certainly don’t throw my toys out the pram without actually looking into the problem first hand, like most post i’ve seen on here by users who a. dont fully understand how to use the DAW and b. Dont fully understand basic PC maintenance.

People grabbing pitch forks over (mostly) minor gripess or out of their own ignorence, is absolutely childish and from a customer service point of view, doesnt help get to the bottom of issues and help developers resolve them.

Yes, if only everyone could use Cubase in exactly the way you do, things would be a lot easier, wouldn’t they?

And tbh, sounds a bit like you’re throwing your toys out the pram right now :wink:

What’s minor to you may not be minor to someone else. I personally depend on Cubase to earn my (sole) income, and I work with all kinds of projects - so yeah, messing with functionality that has been available for years actually is a fairly major thing.

Glad that your specific usage scenarios are working for you - why not go enjoy that, and let people who are having issues resolve them/vent about them, because you seem to be getting all worked up over nothing.

Apart from the context menu, mine is working fine - more stable than 9.5 actually.

I don’t know whats worse, the fact you think i’m “throwing my toys out the pram” (on having an opinion) or the fact you’r adamant on devolving a discussion into petty sarcastic remarks. I don’t know if you noticed the OP but he/she is asking how peoples experience have been… so why do you feel the need to have an issue with mine?

Just because my opinion and personal experience with C10 doesn’t align with your experiences, does not justify you being rude. It’s a pretty poor attitude to have if you’re incapable of having a discussion :unamused: You also seem quite pushed to try put words in my mouth… At no point have I stated that the product is perfect and work for everyone, but as I mentioned previously. Some issues appear to be user related, or just people moaning at things that aren’t even that big of a deal. I work on commercial projects, so it’s pretty important that the performance is good and the product isn’t broke.

So far so good.


I think you’ll find you quoted me and was eager to having an opinion on my opinion. Not very tactful one at that. So I’ll leave it at that.


After a long fight I got C10 working and so far today I’ve had ZERO problems. But it took me lots of hours to get it working.

Anything in particular that you had to do to get it working? Any way to make it smooth from the start for other folks? Any advice is appreciated!

thanks in advance. Cheers, B

Well folks, I started this thread not to have a fight with anyone, simply to see how others are experiencing this new update.

I for one am having great difficulty with the deleted contextual menus and no way to customise it back to my pre-defined workflow, which has now been totally trashed and butchered.

Also I am having difficulty with GUI disappearing in certain windows which also have large and ugly fonts which make some windows not display correctly with some checkboxes simply not there.

I wanted to know how others are doing with this and if I was alone, however judging by the comments and many many many problems discussed in the forums, i can see that I am not alone and clearly there are issues which are not simply too small to forget about, rather these are every day workflow issues and very important to how we can make our living.

I certainly don’t appreciate people saying these these are "minor gripes " and being called “ignorant” in the same sentence. Surely we all have our own way of working and have custom built that way of working in our own little world to the best of our ability so we can give our clients our best. As soon as this is interrupted and we can no longer function because our DAW manufacturers suddenly decide to ‘delete’ what they consider to be unimportant and not give us the opportunity to customise our workflow, well that then becomes a very BIG issue and for some…unworkable. So being forced into a corner and told to work a certain way because they say it is the best way, just reminds me of the Apple dictatorship scenario…luckily I escaped that years ago, but am now starting to feel this bubble wrapping around me again. Don’t get me wrong, I really appreciate what Steiny and Yamaha are trying to do incorporating new and great features (once properly tested in the real world and working flawlessly) into their DAW. No problem from me, BUT once you have made your changes and deletions, at least give the consumer the option to customise their workflow so we can delete what we don’t use and include what we do, that way we are all happy. With regards to the gui and so many other issues, I can live with that until the fix comes, but don’t you dare tell me how to work and cripple my years of refining to get my workflow to just where I want it, simply because you think that is ‘not needed’!!! Unacceptable and Dictatorial!

Anyhow, thank you for your very kind responses, I really did not want any kind of bad feeling in this thread, just a simple discussion on how different people are finding/coping with this new update. I guess there will always be those individuals who like to belittle others in the process.

I for one have gone back to 9.5(luckily it still works on my system) until such time as I can fully enjoy this update with its full power without the issues I am facing.

Thanks all, your input is very much appreciated.

Only one crash at the very beginning, other than that no problem up to now, but I am only doing small projects as an amateur…
The UI had to be changed to HDPI (otherwise, not useable).
Small issues, but not sure if there are bugs or me not knowing how to use…
Installation : upgrade from version 8, without any issue, much quicker than I thought. version 8 is not erased though, and I’m sure what to uninstall…