Is there anyone out there who has Cubase 10 working FLAWLESSLY?

At which point in my sentence did i specifically say YOU or any one in this thread? My comment was a generalisation of the forum and some of the posts ive read.

My statements are not belittling. They are simple facts. Im not arguing with anyone, but some individuals are incapable of discussing anything with out taking things personally the flying off the handle.

The real concern are peoples projects being corrupt, or issues on Mac systems with c10 corrupting c9 or earlier projects. Or cubase crashing because a plugin isn’t compatible, espeshially something like kontakt. Those are serious issues and should be addressed first because they stop you working!

“Minor grips” like colour menu having the scroll function changed, or an icon missing, or a menu moved. Are minor issues, sure inconvenient if you rely on them, but they wont stop you being productive because there are other ways to acess them. They dont warrant posting teenage strops. Again a generalisation of this ive read across the forum.

Dont take things personally. :slight_smile:

Hi Marcus,
thanks for your clarification. You are entitled to your opinion of course, however as the saying goes, ‘One’s man’s pleasure is another’s pain’ basically we cannot judge what is important or not to another person. We all have our way of working and what seems a ‘minor gripe’ to us could be a major issue to someone else. Who am I to tell you that you what is important to you, unless of course I am a dictator and you will do as i say…rather similar to what Steinberg/Yamaha have done to us regarding the deleted and un-customisable contextual menu. This is wrong and although the menus are accessible elsewhere, it means interrupting my whole workflow to go looking for them. For me, this is NOT a minor gripe but a major issue which needs to be addressed.

This is not a case for arguments and sure in every update, there will be happy and disgruntled people, you can’t please everyone obviously, it just so happens that with this latest update due to the deleted contextual menu and the gui not showing properly, over enlarged fonts which force some menus to go off the screen etc, my whole workflow world has been tossed upside down and is virtually impossible to work with, a ‘minor gripe?’ dunno maybe to some… but not to me.

I am glad that v10 works for you and you can get on with your work unburdened, it seems to have some nice features, perhaps one day soon I will be able to enjoy them too, but for now 9.5 is my flawless workhorse. It’s hard enough to make a living in this battered and pirated music industry these days, I want to concentrate on making music, not whether or not my DAW is going to hinder me today or not.

All the best to you.

Initially… Cubase works. Flawlessly I don’t think it ever has. Like most complex things, there will be issues.

I’m having a HUGE issue with realtime spikes with old projects. Projects that run perfectly fine in 9.5. I haven’t made a project purely with C10 yet to know if it’s unique to old projects ported. I tend to use compressors on the FX buss, sidechained by the signals sent to the FX bus, lots of dynamic EQ. In one project it seemed to be related to that But, then in another it wasn’t.

hmm, yet another issue with old projects, seems others have similar issues like his too.I wonder if the new s/c routing could be playing a part in this

That was my intial thought but i’m not sure it’s limited to that. When i mentioned ‘Dynamic EQ’ I missed that that is sidechained Dynamic EQ.

I hope you don’t mean ME with this post.
I NEVER said i have ZERO problems. I said i have minor problems…but not that big that i can not work.
Unfortunately i believe the Topic was deleted for prove.
Sorry for disturbing…have a nice Day.

I don’t remember who I was referring to, to be honest but there are apparently a few people who had no problems. I simply wanted to see if the problems I am experiencing are specific to me or if others were also having issues with this latest release. I am discovering however that as time goes on, some who said they didn’t have any issues are now having some, so I am not alone and this release is proving to be a real pain for us. I love the new features but it will need a lot of re-working to get it stable, bug free (if that’s possible) but most of all, to give us back our beloved contextual menu ( or at least a way to customise it to our own individual way of working)
Take care and happy producing!

I’ve decided to use this buggy performance window as an opportunity to build a new PC. NVMe drives on offer all over the place. Hopefully by the time I’ve finished the Asio issues will have been addressed.

Well it is very possible that your issues may or may not disappear, however I would not use this version to be your benchmark, since my system is fairly recent being an i7 with 32Gb ram and running Windows 7 x64 with several drives SSD and still issues remain. I had no such problems with 9.5 so either this version is designed only to work exclusively and flawlessly with Windows 10 or there needs to be a serious re-look from Steinberg/Yamaha to rectify these issues.
Of course building a new upgraded PC is always a good thing so you keep on top of things, however all I am saying is don’t expect it to suddenly solve everything, although you never know!!! stranger things have happened. :unamused:
Will keep my fingers crossed for you.
Let us know how you get on.

I’m jealous of the people that don’t have issues. I have over 20 issues the moment I installed it. It also caused 9.5 to act up. Running Win 10 Pro on fast cpu and plenty of RAM. I want to be a beta tester. this is bad.

I basically uninstalled everything, removed any folders that got left behind by uninstallers, ran CCleaner, and I finally got it working without issues.
My upgrade path was C7->C7.5->C8->C9.5-C10 I just had so much problems with missing content etc. i realized it’s best to do everything from clean.

  1. Uninstall everything using cubase uninstallers
  2. Run CCleaner
  3. Check if any folders are left behind @


  1. Delete folders named “Steinberg” from these two locations. Make sure to back up some setting files if needed!

  2. Also remove steinberg folders from any other install location place. Just make sure not to delete accidentaly any 3rd party plug-ins at the time so you don’t have to re-install them.

  3. Run CCleaner one more time to be sure

  4. Re-Start computer

  5. Download installation files and install everything you need. In my case C10, Halion 6, and Ultimate VST1+ and some steinberg expansion packs for Padshop Pro

  6. Install Everything

  7. Launch C10 and hope everything goes allright.

So far everything works as good as in 9.5. There is no latency issues etc. whatsoever. And now even the On-screen-keyboard works again that stopped working for some reason for me in 9.5. There is some strange freezing with my midi keyboard, but I have not been able to re-create that problem so far. But I definitely suggest to everyone, doing a complete clean re-install if it’s not too much problem.

I’ve had about 6 crashes in a week, graphics problems with some plugins (part of graphic completely white), and lost my plugin list in the manager when using the Remove Unavailable Plugins deleted all my plugins from the collection. Hopefully there will be an update soon.

I’m not having any real problems. V10 loads projects more quickly than 9+ here. I have the odd issue with older plugins. I did have a clean install of W10 latest version. I installed 9.5 and then a few days later 10 came out. I have also gone on an extreme plugin purge on my system.