Is there anyone set up within the UK that can repair my bust cc121

I have a CC121 that I have been running Cubase Pro 12 and earlier versions.
Earlier this year the buttons and AI knob although lighting up became unresponsive. Whilst the Fader works fine still with the PSU plugged in. I did the obvious and uninstalled re-installed the Yamaha USB and Steinberg drivers to no avail. And then all of a sudden it started working properly again.
It worked fine for 6 months then last week I suffered the same issue as before.
A complete fresh install on another PC didn’t change anything, so I wrote to Steinberg support.
They quickly wrote back!! and told me as I had the latest drivers and I suffered the same issue on a fresh install that the unit had become defective. They sent me an address to a German Repair shop which I wrote to but as not yet heard a reply. But being in the UK and the amount of paperwork to get the thing there and back and the increased cost of shipping, I struck me to pose the question to the forum for the CC121.
So I am asking does anyone know of a UK based workshop or repairers that may be able to fix this for me. As mentioned the Fader works fine, it’s just the buttons and rotary knobs including the AI are unresponsive but actually they sometimes light up and follow the Cubase commands but just dont work.
As the unit suffered this once before and came back to life, my intuition says that it can’t be a serious problem but Steinberg support didnt seem to be that helpfull in my case.
One other thing, no doubt there must be a steinberg back door diagnostics or factory reset routine for the device?? I have been looking but have not turned anything up.
Many thanks