Is there anything in Dorico that would kill CuBase Sound? [SOLVED-mostly]

Hope this is not Off Topic, but just installed Cubase 9.5 Pro for the first time and even though Dorico sound is untroubled, CuBase is silent (using the Low Latency driver on both and Dorico is not running simultaneously). Got a message saying AmpSimPro was interfering with my USB-licenser, but even after resetting the licenser, still no CuBase sound. (No problems with free RAM or HD space.)

Is there any possibility that installing CuBase on a (Windows 10) machine with Dorico already installed would cause cross-program troubles that need special handling?

Hi Derrek,

I have been seeing some weirdnesses in ASIO-land with Cubase 9.5 which seem to be triggered by running Cubase and another ASIO program at the same time. The result has been a loss of sound output in Cubase even if Cubase wasn’t actually playing at the time (just open.) Closing all other ASIO apps does not seem to resolve the issue. Once this has happened, I have to reset the device driver. (On my interface I can do it by cycling power without rebooting the computer itself.) It may not be related to your problem, but I have found with Cubase 9.5 to be extra careful running only one ASIO application at a time. When I keep to this protocol, Cubase 9.5 Dorico, and Sibelius all cohabit without the driver going down.


Generally no. As a matter of fact, I also have Cubase and Dorico installed in parallel and no such trouble.
You can even run them at the same time, but of course, Cubase and Dorico can’t share the same audio device, so only one program can use it at any given time.

What if you stop both, Dorico and Cubase, then only start Cubase?
Go to Studio > Device Setup and check that the Generic Low Latency Driver is chosen. Then go to Studio > VST Connections, choose the tab for Output ports and see if the device ports are routed correctly. If both holds true then also sound should come out of Cubase.


Thank you for your quick response. I was not trying to run CuBase while Dorico was open, but eventually I did get the CuBase demo project to play with sound. I still get the message about AmpSimPro deactivating one of my licenses, and no search I do either on my machine or on the web tells me what AmpSimPro is. I hope the folks at CuBase Support will be able to set me straight when they e-mail back.

Again, thank you.