Is there anything like an "infoline" available in Dorico

Working frequently with Cubase and Sibelius, I appreciate what is called “infoline” in Cubase, which gives all information/properties available about the selected element or group of elements.

Meanwhile it is in Cubase a great part of the editing UI, which allows numeric input ehich is great, a likewise information about the selected elements in Sibelius gives at least some useful orientation.

To keep the screen customizable this infoline could be opened and closed In Cubase.
Is there anything likewise (already available) in Dorico. If so how can I open it.

No, at the moment Dorico doesn’t show this kind of information in its status bar, though we may well do in future.

Yes please, and let it show all the nodes that can be triggered via expression maps in their proper order as well. That’d make it much easier to plan and debug playback properties. I.E. pt.staccato, pt.pizzicato and so forth.

Speaking for myself, it could make setting up a score for playback take minutes instead of hours of playing the “oops, that didn’t work, let me try to figure out how to get this triggered, and I’d look up the matching rules but it’s not really documented clearly” game.

In Sibelius, lack of this sort of info line, and confusing or nonexistent documentation on what all nodes Sibelius applies ‘automatically’, and in what ‘order’, still nags me to this day as well. So, please add this sort of stuff earlier rather than later in the development phase if at all possible.