Is there anyway to propagate System Text position of a part to another part?

It doesn’t seem to “stick”. In this example:

I’ve adjusted the X and Y offset of the selected System Text in the Alto 1 part, and then gone to the Setup menu–>Propagate Part Formatting and instructed Dorico to propagate the settings of the Alto 1 part to Alto 2. However, when I do this, the System Text box remains ABOVE the staff in Alto 2, rather than below where I’d re-positioned it in Alto 1.

My question: do System Text positions you’ve changed manually propagate and (if not) is there any chance this could be added down the line? A related question: is there any way to consistently have the System Text I have there placed below the staff in every part by default (instead of my having to move it in the first place? Right now when I create it it automatically positions it above the staff. Thanks for any help!

  • D.D.

System Text cannot be propagated, because its position in the score is likely only relevant to the top (or bottom) stave in the score.

But I was actually trying to copy the layout of the alto 1 individual part to the other parts and that layout included the positioning of the system text below the staff instead of above… It seems like it would be extremely useful if I could copy the positioning of the system text in that situation but I’m presuming this is not possible?

It’s not possible.