Is There come kind of Error log in C7 64bits?

I’m having a trouble opening a C5 project Where the VSTBridge is trying to connect something… the problem is that… I don’t know what is trying to open, could be Kontakt 5, or could be Philarmonik SE, or some plugin… I don’t know.

Is there a log where this kind of errors get listed? So I can know what I had to check/delete/uninstall/etc?

Regards :confused:

Yes. You don’t give any system info so specifics are moot.

Or sorry!

I’m using Windows 7 64bits, also had a machine with windows 8 64bits

My Docs/Steinberg/Crash Dumps

All you need to do is rename 3rd party VST folder/s to see if it’s a plug.

Well estrange enough I closed the Vstbrigde and the project opened (with kontakt not loaded completely), saved the project, and open it again and all went ok.

Still I want to see the reason of the dump, I found this file:

Cubase 2013.2.5 14.12.dmp

But no idea how to open it.

Right-click- Open With-Notepad

Nope, I tryied that :wink:


Hmmm, don’t know what to say. Cubase never crashes here so I’ve never had to try it.

Well maybe somebody from steinberg can said something.

Thanks N8 !

Kontakt 5 does not need the bridge it is 64 bit.

If you have a plugin issue then (as said above) rename the plugin folder, then ship half the plugins back, if they work, then you know the guilty party is in the other lot, then do the same again. you get the picture.

I think the issue was that I got a kontakt 64bit and the original project was made in 32bit

I didn’t had the problem again