is there DAW less popular then Cubase ?

I’m currently a logic user but also want to get a daw for pc,
Want to get something that isn’t as mainstream as ProTools, Logic or Ableton.

Considering daws like reason or cubase or bigwig

Don’t use a pc, stick with Logic and your mac, because just as you they are the best.
You’re welcome.

Less popular?

You can try Opcode Studio Vision. I think it’s less popular in 2019.

Biggest load of crap I’ve ever heard. All I see in forums are people with Mac OS issues - terrible issues… It’s like looking into a different nightmare world. Everytime the OS updates it screws everything up, but then they force you to update because if you don’t nothing new will work. Everytime there is some weird a$$ issue, I go look to the persons signature to see their specs, and it’s a bloody mac.

You fell for marketing. That’s it.

I run Windows 7 which is 8 years old. It can run Windows XP software still, and it can run new software, and new interfaces, new everything, no problems.

to the OP
Check out
-SAW studio.

Don´t think so…

just an abstract of the problems with macs:

Apple’s latest Macs have a serious audio glitching bug

Apple has a serious, unresolved bug that causes issues with audio performance with external interfaces across all its latest Macs, thanks to the company’s own software and custom security chip.



In which way the ‘mainstream’ concept should influence your own needs for a host ?

Each of them being completely different, one from the other (I won’t go into details, as they are obvious…). Are you sure that you know what you are talking about ?

Or, more probably, a little trolling session from you, as a new member : congrats for the great start ! :unamused:

You can consider Cakewalk by Bandlab. It is amazing, can do almost anything. And, you don’t even have to buy it. It is free.

It has features like ARA2, Smart tool, Ultra fast loading time, VST3 support, Ultra low latency Recording and many others.

Or they might have just worded their title wrong and are inquiring about other DAWs that are ‘more unkown’ than Cubase that they should look into.

I thought I was obvious enough in my joking, but I guess not, so here is the smiley that should have accompaied my initial response: :wink:

There is also Bitwave from Erratic Solutions : ARA 3, dumb tools, ultra high latency playback, VST 4.2 support and, most of all, a polyphonic ‘Audio to OSC’ feature. Worth a check…

oh :blush:

Sonar is really awesome! I wasn’t joking!

But Wow! I appreciate your joking skills! :heart:

Us hardcores edit in notepad and then save it as .wav, only time i go mainstream is when i pick up some Pepsi Max and Doritos from the local mall, but i go in hooded.

Yes, Sonar has its own value, but still… How long will it last, as the original Cakawalk brand has closed its doors since a while, this without minimal incomes ? Just wondering…

From which, my ‘Erratic Solutions’ disgression : a convoluted one, I admit… :mrgreen: