Is there going to be a new GUI for cubase 7.

I saw a post today on a forum web site that cubase 7 is NOT going to be some little update and some big changes when it comes to the GUI. Steinberg wanting the new GUI for cubase 6 bud had no time so pushed the new GUI for cubase 7. Is this wishful thinking :smiley: or just a rumour :cry: .

The guy that posted the command sad that he got it from a reliable source.

This was the official tekst from the forum.

5 and 6 were released during the first quarter.

Shortly after Cubase 6 were launched one of Steinberg’s representatives said in their forum that Cubase 7 was not going to be just another update. Also that the new GUI didn’t make it in time for Cubase 6 but it was on the making.

Link please…

Yes … No … Maybe …

It will at least have a new shiny 7 in it somewhere … that will be new.

And hopefully there will be a new Wallpaper :slight_smile: Didn’t even get one with 6.5!!

I know, how can you seriously be using 6.5 if your desktop background doesn’t remind you. It’s a major problem.

I have 6.5 wallpaper. It lowered my ASIO meter 10%! :open_mouth:

Yes or No answered with a roaring “MAYBEEEEE!” …

Oh wait, I remember now; the 6.5 wallpaper made my MIDI 1 ms early! Too bad for the ASIO gain though :sunglasses:

Yup in the “about” tab :wink: