Is there no chance to transfer a Cubase eLicense to another macbook?

I have on my old Mac a Cubase AI Elements 11 installed with the software eLicenser.

Is there really no change to transfer the license to my new computer’s software eLicenser?
does it only work with transferring it to a USB eLicenser?

hi alex

i remember when i originally bought Cubase 11 , two years ago i wondered about the same problem (and also transferring between my PC and laptop) anyway the best solution is to spend an extra few euro and get the little USB licencer!! it works very well and as far as i recollect …its the only way!!! best of luck


ohhh and you will need to transfer ALL your settings/drum saves/and any tracks you saved from old hard drive to new one. Or else all your preferred saves will not go to new computer. Its quite annoying!!

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Hi and welcome to the forum,

You can go through the Reactivation process.

Or update to Cubase Elements 13. Then you can use one license on up to 3 computers simultaneously.

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