Is there no loudness/LU meter in Wavelab 11 elements?

i can find level monitoring but not loudness… everything uses loudness these days.

Loudness/LUFS metering is in WaveLab Pro only. Last I checked, Elements only had RMS/Level Metering.

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There are 3rd party (free) tools out there of course; but I understand, not quite so convenient in use, against a built-in solution…

thanks all… i think my issue is that i want to look at the LU meters while adjusting other effects.

i have LU metering on my maximizer, but then i have to close it to adjust the eq. it gets back to a limitation of elements i think.

if i could either have an LU meter or open multiple effects, then elements is doing everything else i need for my simple mastering needs.

maybe a feature request here? (i’m wouldn’t consider myself a power user… just someone trying to adjust and eq or limiter while reading loudness meter)

Wait… you mean you aren’t able to have two plugins on your mastering chain open at once? I’m on WaveLab Pro, but used LE for years… I don’t remember that limitation…
Is that what’s happening? Here’s two open at once… elaborate please… :slight_smile:

thanks - i had it fixed in another thread - all good now :slight_smile: