Is there no way to set different dithering options in export queue?

I love the ability to set up an export queue, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to update the dither settings. We need this if we wish to prepare ANY files that are at different bit depths (which is VERY common for online distribution and physicals). Is there any way to automatically change the dither depending on the selected bit depth? Or are there any workarounds?

If not, for the love of God please add this feature to Cubase 12. Otherwise, super solid release Steinberg!

Just following up here to see if there is some way to do this. I think the idea option would be some sort of “snapshot” of the entire mixing state. That way you could in theory set up different versions of the song like instrumental, acapella, unmastered, mastered all in one export. Combine that with the ability to set dithering options during export and you would have a home run.

A work around could be to have multiple output busses with different dither options via insert and use direct routing to route audio to all the busses.

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