Is there not a way to select multiple regions?

For editing audio. Like I’d like to use the mute tool over multiple regions. Instead it’s making me click the mute tool every time I want to mute a region. Does it not stay on the mute tool so I can mute multiple regions in one go? Same thing with the select tool. Once I select a group of regions and let go, I have to select the select tool again to select more regions. Also ctrl/ cmd click for selecting multiple regions doesn’t seem to be supported. Surely I’m missing something, right?

Since I’m using a mouse and keyboard, it’s not behaving like a traditional daw in that way.

I had to select the “select” tool. Then click each region individually. Then hit the mute tool and it muted the regions

Hi @Cameron_Reese,

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Cubasis is designed to work best with mobile devices, where touch operation is a high priority.
Nevertheless the app also features keyboard and mouse support.

Normally, muting audio regions should work easily and quickly, via selecting an event followed by tapping the mute button, as shown in the video example below.

The “select” button has not to be used at all.

For some reason, it seems not working to attach the video file.
Please download the example from here (link expires Dec 15,2021): Video Example | Muting audio regions

Hope that helps!

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