Is there paid support for Cubase?

I’m just frustrated at the weird performance issues and would actually pay to have my system specialized for Cubase and have someone troubleshoot these problems for me.

Currently I’m running into a problem where recorded audio tracks have a silence/dropout in random places.

It is literally one of 3 audio tracks so performance should NOT be an issue.

It seems folks here are busy making music which is GREAT but not fun for folks like me who just jumped into Cubase and experiencing these sorts of show stopper issues.

check out Martin.Jirsak on this forum…he can help via Skype and team veiwer…20 Euro per hour…he works for Steinberg…

I’m sure Martin will clarify, but I’m pretty sure he does not work for Steinberg.

I was talking to him a few days ago on skype and he said he worked for Steinberg…what can I say? :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

In which case this situation with him charging for support needs to be clarified by Martin or Steinberg.

It’s perfectly fine for a third party to charge for assistance with Cubase but a Steinberg employee charging for it when supposedly support is included in the purchase might be considered a conflict of interest.

It might help if you displayed a print out of your computer and the rest of the hardware gear you have.

Maybe helping someone to understand Cubase better (which was the case with me) isn’t actual support as in when stuff is going wrong type support… :question:

you make a good point though… :slight_smile: